How To

How To Use TextEVO

1. Visit from any web browser to access this cloud based software.

This web app looks best on any current web browser with HTML5 support - including tablets and iPads. A few features may be disabled if your browser is an older version.

2. Load some text by pasting into the main editor box, or via drag and drop of a browser web page address into the box.

3. Manipulate your text via a suite of actions (or "mod"s / modifications) categorised under various headings - PRETTY, REMOVE, REPLACE, INSERT, SORT and EXTRACT. Click on the the actions below these headings to manipulate your text. UNDO and REDO buttons are available for going backward/forward where required.

4. Once you are satisfied with the result of your text, click on the Copy icon on the top-right.

5. You text is now ready to be pasted elsewhere.

Please feel free to check out the more advanced features within the various modding actions available.